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HS120CNC CNC roller blade grinder

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HS120CNC CNC roller blade grinder

HS120CNC CNC roller blade grinder

Machinedescription    Machineissuitableforgrindingtheoutsidediameterofnotmorethan120mm,thenumberofchipflutes1-99slot,thechipflutesandaleadof100-∞mm,maximumhelixangleof±35°ofthespiralgroovehob,gearhob,smallmodulushob,wormhob,andsimilarprecisiontool.PrecisionworktoachievestabilityDIN3968standardorGBGB/T6084-2001AAlevel.UsingtheGermanSIEMENSCNCsystem,equippedwithstraightgrooveshob,spiralgroovecutterstandardsoftware,simple,practical,inlinewithworkersoperatinghabits.Structuralfeatures  ·Themachineisgrindingintwoways:flatmodeandclassiclayout,usingcorundumgrindingwheelorCBNgrindingwheel,andwithatrimmingdevice,theverticaldirectionoftherotationalangleof±35°,canbeusedforgrindinglargehelixangleofthehobelevationof15°-40°canbeusedinmanydifferentcornersofthewheel.·Machinebedusinghigh-strengthgraycastiron,afterseveralagingtreatmenttoeliminatetheinternalstress,increasethestabilityofthemachine,reducingmachinevibration,thetoolsharpeningaccuracyisgoodguarantee.·Fullyenclosedworkareausingcoolingoiltotheworkpiece,grindingwheelforcooling.WithGermanySIEMENSCNCgrindinglinkagecontrolsystem,workproceduresofvariableprogramming,operatorwithoutCNCknowledge,simplyentertheappropriatevariables,inputoperatingparametersfullyautomaticgrindingcycle,simpleoperation,inlinewithworkersoperatinghabits.Mainspecificationsandtechnicalparameters ProjectHS120CNCHSP120CNCThemaximumdiameterhobsharpening120mmHobslots1-99Hobspiralgroovelead100mm-∞100m-∞Maximumhobhelixangle±35° Maximumgroovedepthhob35mm40mmThemaximumwheelspeed23.5m/s63m/sMaingrindingheadmotor1.1kw2.2kwTotalpower11kw12kwOveralldimensions(length×width×height)2600x1350x1900mmNetweight3600kgNote:TheCompanyreservestherighttomodifythetechnicalparameters.Parameterssuchastheagreementwiththetechnicaldiscrepancies,thetechnologyagreementshallprevail.
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Machine description

    Machine is suitable for grinding the outside diameter of not more than 120mm, the number of chip flutes 1-99 slot, the chip flutes and a lead of 100-∞mm, maximum helix angle of ± 35 ° of the spiral groove hob, gear hob, small modulus hob, worm hob, and similar precision tool. Precision work to achieve stability DIN3968 standard or GB GB / T6084-2001 AA level. Using the German SIEMENS CNC system, equipped with straight grooves hob, spiral groove cutter standard software, simple, practical, in line with workers operating habits.

Structural features


· The machine is grinding in two ways: flat mode and classic layout, using corundum grinding wheel or CBN grinding wheel, and with a trimming device, the vertical direction of the rotational angle of ± 35 °, can be used for grinding large helix angle of the hob elevation of 15 ° -40 ° can be used in many different corners of the wheel.

· Machine bed using high-strength gray cast iron, after several aging treatment to eliminate the internal stress, increase the stability of the machine, reducing machine vibration, the tool sharpening accuracy is good guarantee.

· Fully enclosed work area using cooling oil to the workpiece, grinding wheel for cooling. With Germany SIEMENS CNC grinding linkage control system, work procedures of variable programming, operator without CNC knowledge, simply enter the appropriate variables, input operating parameters fully automatic grinding cycle, simple operation, in line with workers operating habits.

Main specifications and technical parameters




The maximum diameter hob sharpening


Hob slots


Hob spiral groove lead



Maximum hob helix angle

± 35°


Maximum groove depth hob



The maximum wheel speed

23.5m/s 63m/s

Main grinding head motor



Total power

11kw 12kw

Overall dimensions (length × width × height)


Net weight


Note: The Company reserves the right to modify the technical parameters. Parameters such as the agreement with the technical discrepancies, the technology agreement shall prevail.

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