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2013 The 14th China International Machinery & Electronic Products Expo

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2013 The 14th China International Machinery & Electronic Products Expo

2018/01/23 13:35
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China International Electromechanical Products Expo (hereinafter referred to as machine Fair), so far has been successfully held 13 sessions. Exhibition area of ??450,000 square meters, a collection of 8,000
  China International Electromechanical Products Expo (hereinafter referred to as machine Fair), so far has been successfully held 13 sessions. Exhibition area of ??450,000 square meters, a collection of 8,000 well-known electromechanical exhibitors; nearly 550,000 manufacturing professional visitors, consulting, procurement, known as the ”Chinese Midwest manufacturing the first exhibition“ by domestic and foreign industry customers, industrial associations and experts and scholars of attention and praise.
  Since the thirteenth, machine Fair will move to Wuhan International Expo Center. The new museum exhibition and its ancillary facilities area of ??470,000 square meters, the 12 bells shaped pavilion composed of all column-free structure, high clearance reached 17 meters; booth load of five tons per square meter; private parking area reaches 3000 parking spaces, to achieve full passenger and cargo diversion, accessibility, all goods exhibition hall by the Wuhan tricyclic straight, and loading and unloading of goods directly on the exhibition hall booth. China is currently the largest exhibition area, most complete facilities, the best conditions for one of the large exhibition hall!
  Thirteenth machine Fair exhibition scale will greatly enhance the number of booths an increase of 100%! We will reach an unprecedented 70,000 square meters; previous because of limited exhibition space can not be fully unveiled the world's top 500 enterprises, industry leaders will realize since then, ”competing against“, the exhibition style!
  Thirteenth machine Fair will be an unprecedented number of visitors increased to ensure that the number of visitors in the last, based on a 20% increase;
  Thirteenth Machine Expo supporting activities will be brilliant. The organizing committee will organize the implementation of carefully planned've truly forward-looking and cutting-edge, seminars, technical seminars, product launches;
  Creating value for customers, it is our mission and glorious, and we wholeheartedly build an exchange trading platform for exhibitors and professional buyers audiences, so that all participants are exhibitors' exhibition has value, ”even value! All exhibitors participating customers to create value in the machine Fair platform to promote the development!
  2012, dating Wuhan International Expo Center, the new exhibition hall, new weather, will perform a new exciting!
  Exhibition Schedule
  Preparation time 20 September 2013 - 22 May
  Opening time at 9:30 on September 23, 2013
  Exhibition Time September 23, 2013 - 26
  Closing time at 15:30 on September 26, 2013
  First, the machine tools and tools: metal cutting machine tools, metal forming machine tools, special machine tools, numerical control systems, digital devices and electrical machines, machine parts and auxiliary equipment, abrasives, cutting tools, fixtures and related products, inspection and measuring equipment.
  Second, industrial automation and instrumentation categories: electronic components, sensor / converter / transmitter, instrumentation, PC bus IPC, I / O template, PLC, DCS distributed control system, fieldbus products, data acquisition, signal processing, software configuration, monitoring systems, CNC digital equipment, frequency and other electrical gear; various instruments.
  Third, plastics, packaging and printing equipment categories: equipment and rubber and plastic parts, plastic mold and die equipment, packaging machinery and accessories, printing equipment and materials, die-casting, casting equipment and materials.
  Fourth, electronics, IT and technology innovation categories: computers, consumer electronics, fiber optic communications technology and equipment; outstanding innovation research institutions, universities, corporate R & D departments and other display; surface mount technology equipment, services and peripheral equipment; test and measurement equipment and services; electronic components; electronic manufacturing services and other related electronic manufacturing products, technologies and services; PCB manufacturing.
  Fifth, power transmission and control technology categories: fluid transmission and control equipment, mechanical drive, components and manufacturing equipment, bearings and special equipment, linear motion systems, electric drive and compressed air technology.
  Sixth, new energy and motor electrician categories: solar power technology and equipment, wind power generation technology and equipment, nuclear power generation technology and equipment, electricity, electrical and control equipment, electrical automation technology and equipment, transmission and distribution equipment and accessories.
  Seven, environmental protection technology and equipment categories: waste treatment and recycling technology and equipment, water treatment technology and equipment, circular economy and comprehensive utilization of renewable resources, transportation energy-saving technologies and equipment, new energy technology and equipment, building energy efficiency.
  Eight, General Equipment: pumps, valves, compressors and other fluid equipment, gas separation, purification and vacuum equipment, reduce speed machine, paper cups molding machinery, textile and garment equipment, and material flow transport equipment and systems, all types of cleaning equipment, etc. ???
  Nine, welding equipment and metal categories: all types of welding, cutting welding equipment, plasma cutting machine, metal cutting and processing equipment, laser welding, laser cutting equipment, industrial robots and automatic welding equipment, auxiliary equipment and various fixtures, welding consumables products, testing and test equipment; hand and power tools, hardware, manufacturing equipment.
  Ten, engineering machinery: mining machinery and earth-moving machinery, engineering vehicles, construction equipment and tools, works with a pump, reinforced concrete processing equipment, lifting and transport equipment, tunnel construction with equipment and machinery.
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